Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #56

Howdy 👋

It’s been a bit of a…week, here in the UK as COVID-19 looks to be getting a grip on us again. I hope my fellow UK folks are getting on as well as they can be right now.

This week, I’ve been mainly tying up some loose ends before I get into a very busy period. I’ve also started streaming again, which included the start of the redesign process of this site. I started critiquing what I currently have, which you can watch here. I’m also going to be producing quite a lot more content for the site now, such as some meaty tutorials, so keep your eyes peeled fo that stuff.

I’ve found some pretty fun stuff on the internet that you mike like. Firstly, I really like this CSS 3D room. It’s pretty mesmerising. It works best in Chromium browser, though.

Staying with demos, this night drive is cool, as is this funky twist on the <details> element.

Gabrielle has launched a beautiful new site that I really like. I am obsessed with the type and colours. It’s a rare nice looking dark mode site, too.

Josh has also written an incredibly interactive tutorial on spring physics. Josh is one of my favourite educators. They always produce incredible material.

Finally, this demo made me laugh out loud.

I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll catch you next week!

Take it easy, Andy