Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #54

Howdy 👋

Apologies for the short break this newsletter has been on. I’ve had a heck of a busy period recently with a big house move going on. We’re all settled here now so I thought I’d put together another fancy websites special to get us back underway.

Let’s dive in!

Hannah Blair - personal site permalink

A Windows 95 style desktop with a window displaying info about Hannah

I’m extremely into this Windows 95 aesthetic. The attention to detail in this recreation of the classic operating system as the basis of their site is exquisite. Nice work, Hannah!

Jasmine Deporta - personal site permalink

A 50:50 split image with two cursors that mirror each other

The reflection/duplication setup on this site both messes with your eyes and blows your mind. It’s a fantastic, creative site, by Jasmine. I’m obsessed with their type choices too.

Etcetera Type permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

Huge black type specimens on a red background

Speaking of type, this site is a beaut. The bold colours and massive, interactive type specimen pages are a real treat.

Postcards from isolation permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

A monochrome site has some 3D skewed art in a window

I love a creative, collaborative, art project at the best of times, but this one, related to COVID-19 isolation is very apt and very good.

Cumbskees - Game permalink

⚠️ Motion And Sound Warning ⚠️

Super colourful game where you have to find snacks

This is absolutely bonkers and great fun—a perfect closer for this issue. Be careful it doesn’t overheat your laptop though!!

That’s all, folks permalink

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