Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #53

Howdy 👋

We’ve got a nice mixed-bag of lush websites, cool-as-heck demos and even a VS Code theme today. Let’s dive in 🏊‍♂️

Soot Theme permalink

A black and grey theme on a very bright pink background

I’ve really wanted a monochrome theme for coding for a long time because I spend the vast majority of time in IA Writer—especially now as I’m producing more education content. I find monochrome stuff much less intensive on my eyes when I stare at it for a long time. I couldn’t find a theme that I liked, so I made one!

Take Me On permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

A very sketchy-style UI with the main part being my face, half normal and half sketch

Adam here yet again with a demo that makes your jaw hit the floor. This one—along with being expertly created—is super fun, too.

Download animation permalink

A little box with a parachute on its way down, showing 80% complete

This is so excellently done by Aaron. It’s a very charming demo indeed!

localghost permalink

A a site with a full screen blue to purple gradient with pixel art styling

I’m a big fan of Sophie and an even bigger fan of their new personal site! I love the pixel art so much. The theme toggle is top-notch, too.

Glass permalink

A glass sphere

Y’all know me by now: I’m a sucker for photorealism with CSS. This is a great example of that, by Oscar.

Patrick Heng permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

A very bright red background with Patrick Heng in huge text, surrounded by circles

We close out with an absolute stunner of a website. There’s just so much good stuff on it, so go ahead and play to your heart’s content. The squidgyness of the whole UI is my favourite part. Nice work, Patrick!

That’s all, folks permalink

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