Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #52

Howdy 👋

I hope you’re doing good. It’s Tuesday afternoon here, I’ve been in meetings most of the day, and y’know what, I wanna share some cool-as-heck stuff with you, so let’s dive in.

The girl with a pearl CSS earring permalink

CSS art that looks like an oil painting of a woman

This is stunning, by Louise. I absolutely love this sort of CSS art and I know that this took them ages to put together. It was well worth the effort though, as it’s up there with some of the best CSS art I’ve ever seen.

Netlify - Thanks a million site permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

A very green landing page for Netlify

This is exceptional work by the good folks at Netlify. They’ve recently hit 1 million developers who use the service, so they created this great site to celebrate. There’s some stunning animation on there and that’s no surprise, because the legendary Sarah Drasner has something to do with it! Props to Zach and Hugues, too.

Jack in a box permalink

A 3D Jack in a Box

Mr Steve here with a lovely bit of animation that uses Three JS and TweenMax which are both extremely beyond my tiny brain’s capability. As always with Steve’s work, it is expertly delivered.

Websites that spark joy permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning (for the sites that feature on there) ⚠️

A landing page featuring lots of whimsical sites

This is a fantastic collection of whimsical sites, by Max. We need a more whimsical web and hopefully, this site will inspire you to make your own weird personal site. I know it certainly makes me want to re-design mine!

That’s all, folks permalink

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