Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #49

Howdy 👋

Holy moly, we are very close to issue #50 and let me tell you, I am cooking you up a treat for that one on so many fronts.

Let’s not dilly-dally, though, and dive right into this week!

pxl permalink

A pixel generated version of the piccalilli pepper logo

This is rad, by Jhey. I’ve been messing around with it for hours. It’s great how you can export as CSS too. Check out the source because it’s really fancy.

Pure CSS 🥵 permalink

A 🥵 emoji made with CSS

As I said last time they were on here: CurleyWebDev is one to watch. This is another great example of their extreme talent with CSS. Go follow them!

Awful Buttons permalink

An outrages ballooned button sits atop of a normal button

These are indeed awful, but as always, everything Adam touches is absolute gold. Lovely motion on these hover states!

Christopher Kirk-Nielsen - personal site permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

An extremely 80s homepage with Chris in huge, shiny letters

We really are in a golden year for personal site redesigns and I am very on board with it. Chris is checking in here with an absolute stunner. It’s really good to see real attention go into focus states too.

Mickey Mouse - single element permalink

Mickey Mouse

This is brilliant, by Jon. I’m a big fan of single element CSS art and this one is up there with some of the best I’ve seen.

That’s all, folks permalink

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