Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #47

Howdy 👋

We’ve got a fancy website special this week, so get ready, because there is lots of stunning work in this issue to makes your eyes smile.

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Cassie Evans - personal site permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

Cassie’s homepage which is teal with an iMac and desk on the left, with a headline on the right

Cassie has just redesigned their website and good lord it is incredible. I was lucky enough to get some early looks at it while they were working on it because they were also tested the eleventy course for me.

There’s so much attention to detail on this one and lovely, playful touches.

Recursive permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

The recursive site which is black and white with a 'cube' of text

Not only is this a lovely variable font, but the website for it is great, too. There’s lot’s of sliders to tweak the font properties and plenty of other stuff to play with. Make sure you drag the homepage hero unit!

Elliot Jay Stocks - personal site permalink

Elliot’s site with a very editorial layout

Speaking of typography, here’s one of the best in the business, Elliot. I’ve been a super-fan of their work forever, so I’m really glad that I get to feature them in my newsletter for yet more of their lovely work.

The Papestielliz permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

A lovely hand-drawn look and feel with custom cursor and ever-updating text

Good gosh, I love this one so much. The colours, the illustration and the custom cursor are perfect. It’s making my eyes smile a lot.

Jack McDade - personal site permalink

A very bold, colourful homepage with a massive picture of jack’s head

I love this one. It’s very bold not just in design, but also messaging. It’s good to see some humour in the copy too.

Jack is working on interesting stuff around making the web more creative at the moment and gives out some good design tips, so they’re definitely worth following.

That’s all, folks permalink

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A reminder: you can get a cool £50 discount off the full £160 price-point of Learn Eleventy From Scratch. Use the code 11TY_PICCALILLI_PAL at the checkout.

Ooooh before I forget, I also added some proper documentation and guidance (and even a fancy logo) for CUBE CSS, so check that out too!

Until the next issue, take it easy.