Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #46

Howdy 👋

It’s been a heck of a week and it’s only Tuesday. This is a positive thing, though, because yesterday was a glorious day.

Why was it glorious? Learn Eleventy From Scratch went live! I wrote a blog about it all which you might enjoy.

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Anyway, enough of that. Let’s see some cool stuff!

Kristen Kwong - personal site permalink

A very Mac OS looking operating system website

My gosh, this is a masterpiece. I love the aesthetic and how the site very much feels like an operating system (you can even drag windows). Lush work, Kristen.

CSS folded poster effect permalink

Two new found glory posters. One is standard digital and the other looks like it has been printed on folded paper

Another newsletter issue and another opportunity for me to swoon over Lynn’s work. This one is outstanding. The attention to detail—especially the colour treatment, is top-drawer.

Turbo Kitty permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

A cartoon cat with a jetpack on its back

This is great fun, by Jhey. The rag-doll physics are a quality touch.

Safari Riot permalink

⚠️ Motion Warning - like, seriously, holy moly, this one is MOVING ⚠️

3 headings that completely fill the screen because they are super thick, variable fonts

This is all sorts of stunning. Make sure you dive into you web inspector, because there’s some special variable font work going on. It’s also got some cool audio stuff.

That’s all, folks permalink

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Until the next issue, take it easy.