Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #44

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Howdy, pals 👋

You might have noticed that this newsletter has had a couple of weeks off. There’s a lot going on right now and I didn’t want this newsletter to overshadow more important content.

I’ll just say one thing: Code is political. The choices we make are important and have an impact, even if you don’t think they do. Our work has the ability to both inspire, but also, to harm, so remember: we are not immune from responsibility because we make nice stuff on the internet.

I support and will always support Black Lives Matter. If you can, please do consider donating to them. They are currently and will always do important, good work.

I’ve been spending time perusing the picked pens this week, so I thought I’d treat you all to some really cools ones I found.

Pure CSS Twitch Logo

The Twitch logo

If you’ve been a subscriber to this newsletter for a while, you’ll know I am a big fan of CSS art. This one is great, by CurlyWebDev. Some really tight detail work on this one.

Duo Bird

A green, white and pink bird

This is super cute and very nicely done. I reckon Qudusayo is one to watch for the future!

CSS Kiki and Jiji

Pixel art characters

I’m really into this one. That’s because I have a real soft-spot for pixel art. Lovely work by Florencia.

Smiling Moon

A lovely smiling moon on a purple background with little stars

I thought this would close out this week’s issue perfectly. Such a lovely bit of art, with a nice, subtle animation. Great stuff by Mara.

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Until the next issue, take it easy.