Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #40

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こんにちは 👋

Blimey, this is issue #40 and we’re already 7 issues into this new-look newsletter & website! Time certainly flies.

I closed preorders for Learn Eleventy From Scratch on Friday. Thank you so much to the hundreds of people that have supported my work on this course with a preorder. Check your inboxes because we’re going to be working on some cool design stuff on Wednesday’s stream.

And with that: let’s get on with the cool stuff.

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Robb Owen

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

Robb’s homepage featuring an illustration of himself

My good pal Robb released this site just after I put this newsletter on a break. I totally forgot to add it in last week’s personal site showcase too 😱

Regardless, it’s here today—in the top spot—because it really is a top piece of work. There’s so much good to absorb from this site, so I’m going to shut my gob and let you enjoy it.

Jules Forrest

Jules’ homepage looking sharp

Not only is Jules incredibly cool, but so is their website! This is a very new redesign and it is stunning.

Dark green and salmon is a colour scheme to die for 😍

Fancy permalink

Plane Trails

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

6 planes on a dark background with multicoloured trails

This is incredibly soothing by Chris. I watched it for ages yesterday. Lovely stuff.

Donate button

A form field in an envelope that has a very large number in it

Aaron here again with another lush demo. This one really is nice to play with and the attention to detail is stunning, as usual.

CSS Grid bookshelf

A grid of books that look like diamond shapes

This one just boggles the mind. It’s immaculate. Seriously good work by Andy.

Make sure you look in the CSS panel. Soooo good!

Tools permalink

CSS Separator Generator

An editor that changes the pattern or shape of a divider based on the values

This is very handy indeed. It’ll certainly make adding a bit of visual difference easier than some of the hacks we might have used in the past.

That’s all, folks permalink

Thanks for stopping by this week! I hope you’re doing as well as you can do, during these times.

Just a note: over at Every Layout, we are doing 60% discount while these lockdowns last, so use the code TANDEMIC to grab that here.

To help us all stay in touch, I’ve created a Piccalilli Community which I hope will be a nice place for us to hang out and chat about the web. I also created a Discord server for folks to hang out. Lots of people are suddenly working from home, so I hope this group will help reduce some of the isolation.

Until the next issue, take it easy.