Piccalilli Newsletter - Issue #33

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Well, hello there 👋

Long time no speak, pal. This newsletter has been on a little bit of a holiday and while that’s happened, https://piccalil.li has been completely re-designed and re-built!

Because we’ve had a bit of a break, I’ve collected a lot of links, so this week’s issue is a collection of some of the best stuff on the web, that has made my eyes smile over the last 9 weeks.

Let’s dig in!

Nice sites permalink

The Markup

The Markup homepage with lovely dotted detailing

The design details on this site are right up my street. Those that have seen my personal site will know that I am a fan of dotted detailing and the hover states on this site use exactly that.

Aside from the lush design, this site is very much one to watch as it’s seems to be a very good publication.

The Food Place

The food place homepage

Here’s Piccalilli regular, Lynn, smashing it out of the park again. Lynn is so bloody good at this sort of thing and their attention to detail always completely boggles my mind.

Keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic CSS Grid usage, too.


The typescale calculator on Utopia

My pals, Trys and James, over at Clearleft, have not only made a fantastic tool (which this site uses for fluid type), but it’s also got a gorgeous website.

The colours and typography choices are really nice. Great work, pals!

Animation permalink

Why Jamstack?

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

A slide from the Why Jamstack animation

Sarah is an animation legend and this animation is a perfect example of why.

The Jamstack is very often misunderstood and undervalued, so this nicely paced animation does a great job of explaining the power of it, in layman’s terms.

Art permalink

CSS Only Polaroid Camera

The CSS ony Polaroid camera

This is mind-blowing, by Sarah. The photorealism is out of this world and luckily they have written a great write up about how they did it.

Fun permalink

Rainbow Slinky

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

A repeating slink animation

Michelle starts us off with this cracking demo using motion path. This is a very exciting new CSS feature that Michelle has also written about on their blog.

Variable font masking demo

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

“Pangalactic” text that sparkles on a star background

Of course, Cassie was going to feature in this issue, because I am in fact, a super-fan of their work. While this newsletter has been on holiday, Cassie has been smashing out some super high quality work.

This demo is great. It’s got variable fonts, masking and most importantly, Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy references.

Super Mario Signup

⚠️ Motion Warning ⚠️

A signup form that looks like its from Super Mario on the NES

Adam, creative signup form specialist, is on fire again. I absolutely love this throwback to classic Mario. The detail is impeccable, too.

Adam is seriously one of the most creative people I have the pleasure of knowing.

CSS Is Awesome - Variable Font Edition

Mandy is one of the greats in CSS land, but even more so in variable font land. Their knowledge of both CSS and fonts is outstanding and for this demo, they smooshed them together to make something super cool.

Drag the corner and resize for fun. When you’re done, read this excellent writeup.

A stretched out version of the "CSS IS AWESOME" graphic

Unsubscribe game

A start screen telling the user to start the game in order to subscribe

Aaron is incredibly creative. This unsubscribe game is top-drawer, but don’t let your marketing team see it. It’ll give them ideas.

[takes notes]

That’s all, folks permalink

Good gosh, it’s been good curating this newsletter again. I’m a tad emotional finally publishing it on a platform that I’m happy with, too. Y’all probably guessed, but this little thing is one of my favourite things to run.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and above all else, for subscribing to this newsletter. The future of Piccalilli is incredibly bright and this newsletter will continue to be its backbone.

You can also follow @piccalilli_ on Twitter now and as always, sharing this with your friends will always be appreciated.

We’re also back to weekly issues which I will publish on a Tuesday. I want Piccalilli to inspire people, while making their eyes smile, so I guessed earlier in the week will do that more effectively than Fridays.

Until the next issue, take it easy.